August: Simplify Your Life

Simplify...  Organize...  Lighten the Load

This has been the tagline for Organizing Resources since 1994. First simplify, then organize and your load will be lighter. This mantra goes perfectly with my 2017 theme of simply a Healthy Abundant Life.

Here is something to think about:

The hazy, hot summer days are here, a perfect time to build rest and rejuvenation (R&R) into your schedule. This is not the time for expending energy clearing out and cleaning up home or office. Just thinking about such a task during the summer heat is daunting. So, let me pass on a few words of advice:

Clean less stuff more often.

"How?" you may ask.

Read on...

Simplify...  The less you own, the less you have to clean. Purge those things that you do not love or need. If you have trouble determining what should go, get a cardboard box for "doubtful" items. Tape the box shut and date it for six months or one year from now. When that date arrives, if you have not opened the box to retrieve any items, it is time to take this box directly to your favorite charity, unopened.

Organize...  This step requires a place for everything and everything in its place! When we talk about the chore of cleaning put the necessary supplies where you need them. An easy wipe here and a quick spritz there keeps dirt and finger marks under control. Cleaning becomes almost painless when the supplies are handy. Put a disinfectant spray and a sponge or wiping cloth in every bathroom. Keep furniture polish and a rag or duster in the bedroom closets or nearby. Have a vacuum cleaner on each floor and keep a battery-operated vacuum handy for stairs. If you develop the habit of putting things away, then it will only take a moment to deal with smudges, spills and dirt as they happen. Voila, easy! Deal with the little jobs before they turn into big challenges.

Lighten the Load...  Less stuff, less stress, more time for R&R

The first week in August is National Simplify Your Life Week. What does that mean to you?

For me, it is seven days to make a difference in my life. It is the perfect time to reduce the stress associated with over commitments, over abundance, over spending. It is a week to think about goals and how to move forward to accomplishment. It is a time to focus on a Healthy Abundant Life.

Maybe Hermits Rest is the perfect spot to take a break, enjoy mother nature and decrease stress. A perfect place to meditate and develop a plan to simplify, then organize. A perfect place to refocus on what is truly important to you and what is creating obstacles. You can't declutter and organize the whole house in one week, but you can start. Nothing happens until you start.

Share how you are progressing by adding comments below. Or, if you have already run into some type of barrier, let me know. I will help you along to regain your footage and get you back on track.



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