Celebrate Sisters

Celebrate Sisters

The first Sunday of August is celebrated around the world as Sisters’ Day.

August 6, 2017  -  Sister's Day - Sisters have unique relationships. Maybe when you were younger you argued, fought and tattled on each other. Then again, maybe you shared a room, clothes and secrets. If you are lucky to have a sister, reach out to her and let her know she is important in your life.

During our younger days, my sister and I went our separate ways as we each socialized with our peers. But as the years go by, we realize there will always be a special bond with each other. Today I thank her for all the good times we have had sharing our hopes and dreams and all the times ahead exploring and experiencing the world. She is someone I can always count on to be there whenever and wherever I need her.

Happy Sister's Day, Patty!

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Note:  If you don’t have a sister, celebrate the friendships with all the women in your life.

Here's to all the sister's of the world!



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