Be prepared to organize Thanksgiving leftovers

The day is fast approaching. Everyone will gather around the table for the Thanksgiving feast. There is so much to be thankful for!  Family, friends, food... Oh, the abundance of food! Now what?

Just imagine...  The table is beautifully set, candles are glistening. The turkey is moist, the cranberry sauce tart and tasty, the sweet potatoes smooth, and the pumpkin pie scrumptious. After dinner, everyone is content and, no doubt, vegging out on the couch watching football. Well... no everyone. The kitchen helpers need to deal with the leftovers.

Here are a few tips from a Professional Organizer to organize and store the abundance:

Oven-safe and microwavable Glasslock Containers
Oven-safe and microwavable glass

If a good portion of Thanksgiving leftovers will be eaten within a couple of days, these items can be stored in the refrigerator in glass or plastic containers. I prefer using glass and love my GlassLock containers. They are oven safe and microwavable. Simple!

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Glass containers are reusable and pose no harmful risk to the environment or personal health. There is no leaching of potentially harmful chemicals when in contact with food. Glass can be safely used for hot foods or liquids. Just remember to label each container to make life easier and less stress when searching for that cranberry sauce.

Leftover sliced turkey and cranberry make a mouth-watering sandwich. For this, the turkey can be stored in air-tight Ziplock bags to keep it fresh and moist.

Quart wide mouth bell canning jars
Wide-mouth quart canning jars

When it is time to strip the meat off the turkey bones plan to simmer them for hours in a crock pot. Oh, a super nutritious broth to be used for soups or flavoring in rice or quinoa. Heavenly!

I choose to store broth, soups, and liquid leftovers in wide-mouth canning jars in the refrigerator or freezer. Again, it is glass -- reusable and non toxic. Available on Amazon.

Storing the overabundance of soup in the freezer without a label may leave you wondering, "What is it?" Who needs that stress?

So, label -- label everything. To keep supplies organized and easily retrievable whether on the shelf, in the refrigerator or in the freezer, consider using waterproof adhesive chalkboard labels.

A MULTI-PURPOSE LABEL: Works great for mason jars, jelly, spice, jam, herb, candy, cookie or seasoning jars, canning jar, round bottles, wine glasses, coffee cups or tea tin boxes, canisters, wooden wicker baskets, folders, office supplies, classroom toy bins...

Reusable adhesive chalkboard labels
If you want to know what it is then label

I love these vinyl reusable stickers for organizing a variety of items throughout my home and office. They are decorative and come with different colored liquid chalk pens. They are washable and reusable.

Write, peel and stick -- now you know what is inside that container. No more guessing when contents are clearly labeled. Professional Organizer's secret - label, label, label!

What do you have that needs labeling?

Do you have any creative labeling ideas you would like to share with our readers?

Fill in the comment section below. We love hearing from you.



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