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Secrets from a Professional Organizer are simply common sense solutions to everyday problems — Life Management Skills. The majority of my clients experience stress over paper clutter, lack of time and over-crowded spaces. However, it is not the paper or possessions or schedule that is the problem, but the daily habits individuals carry along with them.

Getting organized is about changing behaviors and making wise choices. There is always a choice. When something arrives, you choose what to do with it and how you will care for it. Select the topic below to learn more about getting and staying organized stress-free:



Organizing Tips:


Life Management Skills:

A is for Attitude

B is for Books

C is for Clutter Control



Plan it to Happen:

  • Preparation
  • Passion
  • Process
  • Persistence / Perseverance

Do you want to read more on how to make those forward steps in achieving your goals? Check out Plan It To Happen TipSheet HERE.


This Way That Way

Are daily road signs pointing you in different directions?
Are there nonstop demands on your time, energy, money and space?
Every aspect of life has the capacity to direct you this way
and that way leading to confusion, chaos, clutter and stress.
Take a deep breath!
This TipSheet will expose those ambiguous stressful signs
and help you choose a stress-less life.