Creating Fun Time

When the day is over, what do you remember the most? What activity brings a smile to your face? Usually it is the laughter, happiness and pleasure you experienced throughout the day that creates lasting memories.

As Ben Franklin said, “Time is the stuff of which life is made.” With the constant struggle of trying to balance daily activities, it is the time you smile, laugh and just have fun that brings joy to your life.

So pull out your August calendar and schedule time during the coming weeks for fun. Make it a priority! Relax, recharge, rejoice and release your worries.

“It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.” –Ursula K. LeGuin

Mules crossing the green flowing Colorado River via the Kaibab Bridge (Black Bridge) with steep cliffs on both sides
Mules crossing the Colorado River via the Kaibab Bridge (Black Bridge)

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Summer time is photo time

P1000209Summer time travels, family events and holiday celebrations are ideal times for snapping the camera lens. These precious moments are beckoning to be immortalized into a collection. (A collection is three or more of any item in a category.) Memories imprinted on film or kept digitally eventually grow to a very large collection.

Beware! A collection of photos can lead to overwhelm if not taken care of immediately. Photos can easily turn into clutter, chaos and confusion — the vicious 3-C cycle.

Clutter monopolizes precious space. Are your photos scattered about in drawers, on closet shelves or hidden under the bed filling up your space?

Chaos follows right along with the clutter when we desperately begin searching for something and uncover piles of photos left behind with the intention to sort, categorize and produce scrapbooks. Have all those photos from years gone by created a disorderly mess?

Confusion is the result of the neglect. The collection of photos seems to have no end. Our psyche cannot handle the overwhelming encumbrances that occupies forgotten spaces. Before we know it we are organizationally challenged — at least where the photos are concerned.

Is this happening to you? Do you have packets of photos hanging around waiting until you find time to get them organized? Maybe you have several years worth of pictures scattered about or an assortment from vacation this year. There is no better time to start the photo organizing than right now with the current collection. Forget about the past for now and concentrate on the most recent pictures. You’ll be happy you did. This is the time to relive the joyful moments, bask in the warmth of memories and share your collection with family and friends.

Set an appointment on your calendar and start organizing:

  1. Toss ~ Not all pictures are keepers
  2. Sort and Edit ~ Prepare an index to record names, date and event
  3. Storage ~ Photo boxes or albums, and for digital photos, create electronic folders

Are you in need of help to get your photos under control? Check out the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.

Happy summer time, photo time. Enjoy the great outdoors.