National Hammock Day

July 22 is a day to relax; a perfect time to slow down. There is no better place to simply veg out than a hammock.

Think about spending Hammock Day in your... ah-h-h-h, hammock. To celebrate this day to the fullest, crawl into your hammock in the early morning and only get up for a snack and cool beverage (unless you can convince someone to bring you nourishment). All other work is forbidden today.

It isn't necessary to sleep the day away. Read a book, listen to music, take in the beautiful sounds of nature, engage in a mind trip, or meditate. This restful position can be the perfect reason to think about your purpose in life or just enjoy the beauty of the day. Nobody interrupts a person in a hammock.

The word 'hammock' has several definitions. In this case we are referring to a kind of swinging bed. It can consist of fabric, braided ropes or netting hung between two posts or trees. Go ahead, try it!

The history of Hammock Day is unknown. Maybe the originator was too relaxed in his hammock to take the time to record the fundamentals of this important national day!

Get involved in the National celebration, and have a great summer!

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