Capture clutter free living

“Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not.  Add what is uniquely your own.”   ~  Bruce Lee

Two scenarios:

1.  A counter top with just a few items needed everyday with plenty of clear work space = Freedom

2.  A counter top amassed with papers, accumulation of mail, flyers, brochures, dishes, food items, pots, pans, utensils, notebooks, pens, coffee mugs, charger cords, iPods, decorations, small appliances, knick knacks…  =  Stress

If you can relate to number 2, then it is time to honestly reflect on possessions. Too much? Clutter? Stress-provoking? Pain or pleasure?

smile frown

Start monitoring your feelings as you survey your surroundings:  Sad? Happy? Are your possessions control your life. Ask yourself:

  • How much time does it take to clean and maintain my home, my space?
  • How much money do I spend on duplicates or items ruined due to neglect?
  • How much extra does it cost when I forget to pay a bill on time?
  • How much energy is consumed in searching for a needed item? Is stress a constant companion?
  • How much time and energy is required to prepare a meal when very little counter space is available to prep and cook? Or, time required to do the laundry? Or time devoted to just get ready for work?
  • How much stress do I encounter every morning and evening trying to cope with too much around me and not enough breathing room?

Organizing is easier when there is less.

Start the simplifying/organizing process and take control of your surroundings. Be drawn to the beauty of a simpler lifestyle where less equals more freedom. Recognize the potential of more space, more money, more time, more energy.

That smiley face can be yours to capture!