National Procrastination Week

Why do I dilly-dally when I have so much to do?

Why do I put off doing something until tomorrow, next week or whenever I find some time?

Am I a juggling failure?

Do I have too many things to do and no energy to consciously think about what is truly important?

Help, I am overwhelmed!

According to Wikipedia National Procrastination Week, March 5-11, 2017 is a week devoted to putting-off doing something, anything! It is an annual event that takes place around the beginning of March, but, in spirit of the holiday, the specific dates change annually.

No wonder I can’t get anything done this week. I am CELEBRATING a National holiday!

“I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do the day after.” ~Oscar Wilde

So, sometime around now (yup, NOW!) is a good time to ponder your busyness and start to develop a plan to change those habits that are blocking you from achieving your 2017 resolutions.

Question: Are you just moving your pencils around or are you actually completing tasks, those systematic steps to move you closer to your goals?

Here are a few reasons why people justify procrastination while filling their days with busyness and missing opportunities:

>>  The task is overwhelming. If you believe you do not have enough time to complete a project and think you will find adequate time at a later date, you are only deceiving yourself. Eventually you realize that the necessary time never quite appears. Break down big projects into small achievable tasks and schedule time on your calendar to get them done. There is no need to procrastinate when you actually schedule the necessary time for completion. Make an appointment with yourself and keep it!

>>  The job is just a little one. Small tasks tend to be pushed to the background for more important things to do. Or at least we perceive something else is more important. Those neglected little jobs have to be done sooner or later, even if you do not like doing them. Whenever you procrastinate you are just setting the stage for increased stress when you come to the realization that a deadline is looming. Learn how to prioritize your time. Set up a to-do list, schedule the time necessary for completion, and systematically move forward.

>>  I don’t have time to do it perfectly. Perfect tendencies — over-planning, over-organizing, over-cleanliness, and over-conscientiousness — are significant factors in procrastination. Here we are talking about the perfectionist attitude — the need for perfect labels on the file folders, pens and pencils in proper containers, supply closets that are the model of impeccability defend procrastination tendencies. Choose when enough is good enough. Not everything has to be over-the-top perfect. The goal with any task should be effectiveness and efficiency, not perfection. Life is not perfect and there are no guarantees along our journey.

So, according to Nike, “Just Do It!” Consider what is holding you back from achieving your goals and begin to change those habits.



I’ve gone for a drink and sharpened my pencils
Searched through my desk for forgotten utensils

Reset my watch and adjusted my chair
Loosened my tie and straightened my hair

Filled my pen and tested the blotter
Gone for another drink of water

Adjusted the calendar, raised the blinds
Sorted erasers of different kinds

Now, down to work I can finally sit
Oops! Too late, it’s time to quit!

Ditty by:
Leonard A. Paris

“I don’t generally feel anything until noon, then it’s time for my nap.”  ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Okay, right now I need to go and gather some stuff that I think I need to do because it was important at one point, but probably not as important right now because it is just small stuff or maybe it is important if I only really understood what had to be done and how to do it I might get started sometime soon!

Or, maybe I should just sit back and enjoy a week of Procrastination.  To read more about this holiday and get into the perfect spirit of celebration, click here!

It is good for a laugh and heck, laughter induces endorphins which are good for our bodies. Fits right into my 2017 New Year’s Resolution – A Healthy Abundant Life!

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