Is it useful?

“Pooh,” said Christopher Robin, “where did you find that pole?”
 Pooh looked at the pole in his hands. “I just found it,” he said. “I thought it ought to be useful so I just picked it up.”

It is now the middle of January and hopefully you are decluttering your home office as I am doing. First we started clearing the papers from horizontal surfaces, then we worked our way through the file drawers. If you haven’t taken advantage of the $5.00 offer of Managing Your Files, simply click here and learn about this important aspect of getting and keeping your paperwork in order.

Next step…

Today we will take a broader view of the surrounding space in your office. What are you holding onto that “just might be useful someday?” Go ahead, look around you. Look on the shelves, in the closet, under the desk? What things do you have that ought to be useful but just hanging around taking up space? Maybe some of that stuff was useful once upon a time, but ask yourself right now, “Am I using these things or just hoarding?” (Remember, unused items in the back of your closet, hidden away, need to be passed on to people who will use them; otherwise you are hoarding.)

Consider this…

If it has been buried behind closed doors, under the desk or stuffed in the junk drawer, then how useful can it truly be to you or to anyone else? You will find extra hours in your day and extra space in your office simply by purging the “ought-to-be-useful” items. Pass things along to those who really can use them now.

Use cardboard box 5 times




Think about the following…

  • Nothing in drawers or closets got there by accident.
  • Too many one-use gadgets take up too much space.
  • Items on sale or marked down entice wants, but is it really a need?
  • Continually feathering the nest creates an overabundance.
  • Stuff acquired and kept for emotional reasons weighs heavily on the mind and available space.
  • More than three constitutes a collection, and collections come with strings attached.

Want to get and stay organized in the home office?

Start thinking about all the stuff you have hidden away — stuff that ought to be useful. Those items were probably important in the past, but do they fit with your present lifestyle? Is it time to purge? Is it time to donate? Is it time to regain space for those items that you truly love, those items that add beauty to your surroundings, those items that you love and use!


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