This is the time of year when we slow down a bit, eat a little too much and reminisce the moments of thankfulness over the past year. My list of blessings is huge; it starts with my loved ones, my dear friends and colleagues, and the joys of my life. My list continues on to my travels and those I have traveled with. Why don’t you make a list of all the treasures and moments that add joy to your life, all the experiences that have broadened your horizon, and all the laughter you have shared with loved ones? How can we not be thankful!

I have been blessed this year with opportunities far exceeding my expectations and I am filled with thankfulness. I have experienced a world of beauty, joy, serenity, and laughter. My travels this past year have taken me to the southernmost tip of South America to experience the quaintness of Argentina hospitality. Then I headed off to Antarctica to explore the beauty of the frozen continent and the antics of penguins. In September I went to the northernmost point of Alaska to watch the playfulness of the polar bears in the Arctic Ocean. I am thankful for these opportunities and for the travel companions that added to the joy and laughter along the way.

My thankfulness spreads to the opportunity to share my photos with you, my readers. Thank you for being a part of this journey and enjoy the playfulness of the polar bears and penguins living on opposite ends of the earth.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!   Judith Ann Kirk