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us outside closeup
Traveling sisters in front of Castle Menzies - Ancestor's Clan Home


While traveling with my sister, we take lots and lots of pictures. This site is our chance to share them with the world.

Our big trip this year started with a quick flight to Newark where we met and began our next adventure. Flight to London was uneventful for 7-1/2 hours, arriving around 9:30 p.m. Since our hired driver was a no-show, we hopped onto the Underground and rode for another hour to King's Cross arriving at our designated hotel very late.

The next day we boarded the Virgin East Coast train toward Scotland, passing through Edinburgh, Pitlochry, Aviemore and onto Inverness -- an 8-hour journey. Once we were settled into our hotel, Inverness Palace, we headed off to the dining room for a scrumptious and long awaited dinner.

The Inverness Palace is our home for our extended journeys into the Scottish Highlands visiting Loch Ness, Isle of Skye, Cairngorms National Park, Culloden Battlefield and our ancestor's clan home in Weem.

Over the past years, we have made several trips to Alaska and Hawaii, and seen most of the National Parks in the United States. We have experienced Canada from the east coast, west coast and the Canadian Rockies. We have been to both the east and west coasts of Mexico as well as the central area and Copper Canyon.

Our travels have taken us throughout Africa, Central and South American, Galapagos, Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands. Safari in Africa and a visit to Victoria Falls was beyond expectation and truly amazing. Another extremely memorable trip was Australia where we fell in love with kangaroos, koalas and surfing the sand dunes. New Zealand is a very special place with beautiful mountains, fjords and lots of hiking trails.

A really big adventure was our trip to Ushuaia, (The End of the World) at the southernmost tip of South America and then on to Antarctica where we sat in the middle of a colony of penguins. We snow-shoed the glacial cliffs and kayaked in an Antarctica icy bay spying on penguins and leopard seals. We visited a Ukrainian weather station to learn about global weather patterns.

We still have a bucket list of places to see and experience for many years to come. Hope you enjoy traveling vicariously through our photos. We sure do have a lot of fun, laughter and special moments. Check out the videos on the "Blast from the Past" page and share the excitement with us. Enjoy!


"Traveling teaches us to dare."
- Edward Readicker-Henderson

Surfing the sand dunes at Newcastle, Australia
Surfing the sand dunes at Newcastle, Australia


Judith Ann: When I am not taking care of my two grandsons and granddaughter, I work as a professional organizer/simplification specialist, speaker and author. As a time management trainer, I specialize in Microsoft Outlook and work with clients to help them increase productivity by utilizing Outlook's many components.

I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the founding member of the Connecticut chapter (NAPO-CT) serving on a multitude of board positions over the years.


ATV ride on farm
ATVing around the farm


Patty: When I am not on the tractor zipping around the fields, or having fun on the ATV, or caring for the baby heifers, I spend my time at meetings. I am on the local town board, the Northeast DFA council, the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, and the National Beef Board.






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