End of July Thoughts

Here in New England the hazy, hot summer days made their appearance during the month of July interspersed with severe but quick thunderstorms in the late afternoon — steamy dampness.  Very little exertion brings forth sweaty brows. It is time to crank up the A/C and veg out. Time to sit back and relax.

While you are lounging during these summer respite, especially if you are captured inside, take out pen and paper and begin to plan your fall organizing project to simplify your life…  organize your environment!


The less you own, the less you have to clean, maintain, insure, store…  Purge those things that you do not love or need. If you have trouble determining what should go, get a cardboard box for “doubtful” items. Fill it, tape the box shut and date it for six months or one year from now. When that date arrives, if you have not opened the box to retrieve any items, it is time to take this box directly to your favorite charity.


Everything needs a home! Question each item’s validity to have space in your home or office. Does it bring joy into your life? Is it useful? Do you use it?Lots of question marks for a simple life

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Life has become incredibly complicated. We have more choices regarding work, family, friends, education, self-development, homes, furniture, clothing, eating, hobbies, travel, and on and on…

There are opportunities each and every day that involve commitments and with each new commitment, we lose space – environmental legroom, breathing space, emotional freedom and mental capacity. There is nothing simple about these crowded positions that have trapped us!

Do as little as possible whenever possible.
Take time for fun… Laugh… Relax…
Children laughing and having fun on a hayride
Hayride is fun, relaxing, a great way to enjoy the outdoors!

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