Do you make a difference, somewhere?

Saturday, October 27, 2018
National Make A Difference Day

Since 1992, volunteers from across the country have united on this special day, one of the largest annual day of service  ~  Make A Difference Day. How about you? Will you make a difference?

You have multiple opportunities to make a difference —  in the world — in your own community — in your family —  even within yourself.

Remember, making a difference doesn’t have to involve a grandiose gesture. It can be as simple as buying a coffee for a co-worker who’s looking down, or lunch for a homeless person just trying to get through the day. You can even donate your old clothes and blankets to shelters to help people get back on their feet and stay warm.

What are you planning to do on this particular day? Share your comments on the left sidebar.

Make a Difference Within:  Are you experiencing simplicity in your life or just dreaming about achieving it? Are you searching for the simple things that make a huge difference?

Simplicity involves choices. Every morning you get to choose your attitude for the day. You get to choose how you will react to opportunities that present themselves. You get to choose simple pleasures over complications, chaos, clutter. Accept the challenge to choose simple pleasures rather than live vicariously through words and pictures of other people.

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Walking in the fields looking for opportunities

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