September Challenge: Self-Improvement


September is Self-Improvement Month

I challenge you to take the next 30-days to focus within yourself and decide what areas of your life could use a boost, a bit of decluttering. Your environment is a reflection of what is happening within your being. Are you content? Do you have a positive attitude? Are you happy? Or do you recognize that a bit of self improvement is in order?

My roadway to self-improvement includes the following:

  1. Clean eating every day:  For me, this means eating a variety of fresh, whole foods — food that have not been processed or altered beyond refrigeration, cutting/slicing and cooking. Food just the way nature intended. I am staying away from anything wrapped in cellophane.
  2. Exercise every day: The hot, humid summer days are over. Time to stop hibernating inside the A/C walls. September beckons me to get outside and exercise. Gym membership is not necessary. Walking outdoors in the early mornings is a treat, even on rainy days. Sometimes I walk the neighborhood, and sometimes I head downtown to the post office, library or grocery store where I buy only what fits into my backpack! Another huge benefit of walking is listening to audio-books downloaded from the library. I am progressing nicely through a list of recommended readings. Besides the health benefits of walking, I am driving my car less. With an insurance company beacon tracking mileage, I benefit from the  reduced insurance premium. (Financial abundance: the less I drive the less paid for insurance, gas, wear & tear…) Included in my exercise program is stretching protocol especially for plantar fasciitis, weight lifting for improved strength, exercise ball and yoga, all done in the convenience of my home. The more I move, the better I feel.
  3. Purge and organize every day:  There is always way too much stuff, physical and mental stuff, and every week I have set up a schedule to tackle the hidden areas in each room. I strongly recommend the ‘one-in / one-out’ rule that maintains the breathing room I established, but if you need to purge even more than adhere to ‘one in / two or three out’ rule. With thoughts of purging and organizing, I am reminded that less is best. Less to clean, store, maintain, insure…
  4. Relationships every day: Ah… an easy one! It is not the stuff we own that brings happiness into our lives. It is family and friends, the relationships we develop over the years whether it is visiting, emailing or talking on the phone. Meeting interesting people while traveling and experiencing new cultures add to the happiness scale. Volunteering at the Bushnell theater has certainly expanded my horizon. And, quality time with grandchildren is the best!



Achieving success is an inside job, beginning and ending with YOU!


Establishing good habits that continually move you towards your ultimate goal is a worthwhile endeavor for self-improvement. How are you doing? Take a few moments to connect by submitting the form on the left sidebar and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Poster of 12 steps to self care



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