Hiding behind piles of stuff

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life,

because you become what you believe. ~Oprah


Are you hiding behind piles of stuff or a multitude of things to do? Are you battling a war with PAPER MANIA? Maybe you say, “I’ll get organized tomorrow, next week, or whenever I have the time.”

Well, don’t despair! September is Self-Improvement Month and what better way to joyously celebrate than to beat away the tendency to dilly-dally, drag your feet, dawdle, procrastinate.

Webster defines procrastination as a means to delay or defer an action until an opportunity is lost. Have you ever figured out what lost opportunities really cost or what is the price of lost items or information?


A major time waster is searching for misplaced items or information. Experts tells us that someone who searches 15-mintes a day for an important document loses 11 eight-hour days every year. Scary, scary! Those hours are lost forever. You are probably wondering how to stop the madness of lost hours. There is a solution!

Does anyone understand my frustration?

You bet! A professional organizer can illuminate the blind curves and provide you with a clear vision of what is ahead. Being organized will smooth your journey throughout life’s little (and big) crises. Organization provides you with the ability to locate an item easily (a place for everything and everything in its place), establish reminders for important dates (your own personal tickler file), place significant documents at your fingertips (paper and electronic file system that works), and so much more. Organizers understand the demands upon your very existence and are capable of relieving the stress of overflowing piles, unmanageable storage, and the unrelenting paper influx.

Look upon September as the month to start on your self-improvement journey. Organizing is not the end of a journey, but the pathway to efficiency and effectiveness. You do not need to travel this roadway alone. Get help!

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