Quest for Simple Living

For many of us, the thought of simple living elicits the vision of a monastic cell or Thoreau’s cabin on Walden Pond. But that vision is not reality for today’s busy life. We move through our days in a state of frenzy, totally unaware of the blessings bestowed upon us. With a new year, I resolve to recognize the daily epiphanies that light up my life as I create a peaceful haven and embrace the changes during my journey of living simply. This is the year I will be conscious of how much I have and will focus on those things that make me forever grateful.

How about you? As a new day dawns, why not begin to create that peaceful haven you desire, one small step at a time.

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Take time to enjoy the quiet moments of life each and every day!

Can I achieve a simple lifestyle?

Generally, my days are filled with rushing around trying to complete the necessary tasks before heading off to the next commitment. Real life is not sitting around the kitchen table in pajamas reading the morning paper with a coffee cup in hand. It is dishes in the sink while clean dishes still sit in the dishwasher. It is bits of cat food scatter around the cat’s dishes and litter tracked out of the litter box. It is wet clothes forgotten in the washer and more clothes getting wrinkled in the dryer. It is a pile of mail on the kitchen counter and magazines scattered on the living room floor. It is emails, text messages, snail mail, voice mail and on and on. It is all the small things, consistently neglected, that contribute to feelings of frustration, an overwhelmed  schedule and not enough time to get all the to-dos done.

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Little things left unattended eventually grow into mountains which takes a great deal of effort to conquer. Good advice: Take care of the little things that have the potential to leave you overwhelmed and embrace those things that have the capacity to bless. Use a couple minutes here and a minute there to tackle the small piles of clutter before they become monsters. It is all a matter of choice – Chaos or Calm. Choose wisely!

“I think we often go through life exhausted because we take on too many things, bring too much complexity to our days, and don’t have time to enjoy life. We are in need of simplifying our lives,” stated Robert Puff PhD of Meditation for Modern Life.

Simple Living Simply Put

Simple living is about the attitude we carry with us each day — our attitude towards money, time, energy, possessions, family, friends and a whole lot more. And simple living is about staying organized by taking a few minutes every day to tidy up the messes that are part of everyday living.

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