April Challenge: Stress Awareness

April is Stress Awareness Month. Everyone feels stress to some degree, but it doesn’t have to cripple your life. What may be excessive stress for you is only an annoyance to someone else. What someone else feels is a stressful situation, may not be a bother to you. The goal here is to look at your own life and take the steps required to control stressful situation.

Stressed? Just sit for a moment and think how you can make life better! Clearing the clutter is a great first step.

In my line of work, clutter is a top stress producer. When you are surrounded with chaos, every cell in your body reacts. It is not just mental stress, clutter and disorganization can become physical stress as well.

There is a lot of reading material on the internet. Go ahead and Google “stress.” You can also read more about stress and stress management skills right here on my site.

During the weeks ahead, clear the clutter from all horizontal surfaces and let me know how it has changed the way you look at life. Small changes make big differences. So go ahead, recognize stress, then take control!



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