Coping with Emergencies

What Should I Do Now?

Jasper the outdoor cat sits on the shed roof wondering where all this white stuff came from
Jasper is thinking, “Maybe I’ll just sit awhile until it all disappears!”

Poor Jasper, he just might have a long wait!

But, for the rest of us we know emergencies do happen no matter where we live and many of these situations have the potential of devastating consequences. Mother nature has a tendency to throw difficult situations our way–forest fires, floods, snow storms/ blizzards/icy hazards, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes… Sometimes we have advanced warning and can prepare; yet other times disaster happens in a blink of the eye. And, then there are other types of emergencies that are caused by human factors–accidents, illness, death, loss of job, financial difficulties… No matter where or how an emergency develops, how we cope, how we respond, how we react depends on how well we have an emergency plan in place.

Will you be prepared to cope?

Yes, emergencies happen but you will experience less anxiety when you know what to do. CLICK HERE to read more about different situations and how to BE PREPARED!

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