Alaska Polar Bears and Northern Lights – 2012

“I tend to judge my adventures on what I learned, the day-to-day experiences, and the memories I store away in my mind. Added to this are the pictures that capture the moments. All together, the Polar Bears and Northern Lights trip by Laurent Dick of Wild Alaska Travel is over the top. We experienced the Dalton Highway; we watched the stars, moon, clouds and Northern Lights; we photographed polar bears eating, sleeping and playing in the water; we explored and ate wild berries; we laughed and enjoyed each others company; we learned; we relaxed and mellowed in the hot springs before journeying back to reality. How he managed to gel five individuals so expertly is beyond miraculous. I think it was his contagious enthusiasm that guided us all to have a blast. My advice: Grasp the moments with Laurent. You won’t regret it at all.”                   – Judith Kirk, Connecticut

Thanks to all my traveling companions who made the trip full of laughter and fun!

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