Thinking about getting organized?

Person standing on orange roadway wondering which direction to go with the arrows pointing in many ways.
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do,” a colleague once said many years ago.

Did you know that every decision starts with a WHY?

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The more WHYs you have for pursuing organization, the more likely you’ll succeed in getting and staying organized!

I Believe…

  • I believe that the power to get and stay organized is within your grasp — one-small-step-at-a-time.
  • I believe it is possible to have a bit of breathing space wherever you find yourself trapped by a way-too-much syndrome.
  • I believe the decisions you make — the stuff you surround yourself with, the people you socialize with, the commitments you make, and the files stored in your computer and file drawers — have a strong psychological and physiological impact on your life.
  • I believe in having enough – not too much, not to little, but enough.
  • I believe in having what you need and needing what you have.
  • I believe life balance is possible.
  • I believe you hold the answers deep within your soul.

I Promise…

  • If you truly believe that you can change, then you will take action to accomplish your goal.

So, why do you want to get organized? Is it to be productive, energetic, more time, more space, less waste, less stress… ?

Read on… It is time to turn good intentions into action; time to rid your environment of clutter, chaos, confusion; time to learn how to get and stay organized!

Organized vs. Productivity

Getting organized has to do with the tangible stuff you own. It is the environment that surrounds you day after day. It entails the hands-on work to sort, purge, store and maintain.

Productivity is all about the time allotments and constraints. How much can you accomplish? Do you have the time and energy to get things done? Are you clear about your priorities and what is truly important?

WHO needs to get organized?

WHO needs to increase productivity?

 YOU do!       Because…

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  • You are active
  • You have a busy lifestyle
  • You have multiple responsibilities
  • You want to spend time doing what is important, fun, enjoyable
  • You want to create memories… establish a memorable legacy
  • You are tired of being surrounded with clutter, chaos, confusion
  • You do not want to continue wasting time, money and energy
  • You are searching for calm, control, a peaceful haven

WHAT needs to get organized so that each day is more productive?

Everything and anything that prevents you from being who you want to be and doing what you want to do. Life management skills remove those obstacles that are preventing you from getting and staying organized. Because…The point of being organized is to be able to find what you want when you want it. Organization sets the stage for productivity.

WHERE should you begin this journey?

Everywhere, anywhere! Just BEGIN!

WHEN is the right time to start?

You decide.  But, decide today!

HOW to do it!

  • STOP and take a few minutes to look around
  • FOCUS on the problem, obstacle or roadblock
  • PREPARE a plan and potential solutions, then set aside blocks of time to get it done
  • ACTION – Just Do It!
  • EVALUATE the resultsBeautiful blue lake reflects the trees and clouds in the blue sky. Statement by John F. Kennedy, Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Help is available just for the asking!

Surveys show that most good intentions fade away after a couple of weeks. Do you want to move intentions into action? A professional organizer can help.

Confused as to which path would lead to your desired destination? Need some help planning the route?

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WHY get organized? 

Need more reasons? Read  “Why Get Organized?” and “The Power of Why!”

Fill in the form below and let me know WHY you want to get organized!