Get a Life – Part II

There is a major distinction between a life and a lifestyle?

Life is the essence of who you are. It is based totally on inner self, radiating from within. It is your choice how you live your life – happy or depressed, inspired or discouraged, experiencing enjoyment and seizing moments of opportunities or constantly striving to portray a fallacy.

Lifestyle is based on externals – those possessions accumulated to impress others and fill a void.  Things do not necessarily make you happy. In fact, ownership most often complicates life.  Happiness comes from within, not from belongings.


Experts say that the majority of stress is centered on how we spend our time and money. Take a look at these two aspects — time and money — in your life:

I.  Sit down with your calendar and review your activities for the past three to six months. Was it mostly for work in order to pay the bills? You know that cycle – work more, earn more, spend more, work more, earn more, spend more and continue to work more and more. And, when you come home you collapse in front of the TV for mindless entertainment.

If your energy level were higher and stress level lower,

what exactly would you do with your time? 

II.  Now take a close look at your checkbook. What are your biggest expenses – home, car, food, entertainment and clothes? Do you need to work overtime in order to make ends meet? How would your life be affected if your home were smaller or in a different area? Would you need to continue to work those extra hours? Would your commute time be less therefore less expense on car and gas? What about the food bill? Do you find that eating out is easier and less stressful than preparing a meal at home? Is that because you do not have the time or energy to shop and cook? Is the convenience of having someone else cook meals worth working longer hours to pay for it? Would the expense of dining out be less if you did not work such long hours? Would you eat healthier if you spent a little time cooking your own meals? Would you feel more like exercising if you were not drained of energy after work? Is your stress level worth the price you pay with the extended working hours?

How are you doing with your TIME and MONEY and ENERGY?  Check out the reading material on the Learning Center page.  Then, leave a comment below.


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