Welcome to life’s little lessons!

Silhouette of man who is obviously stressed and hasn't learned Life Management Skills.
Overloaded! Overwhelmed! How do you handle stress?

Harnessing ‘Life Management Skills’ sets you on the path of control. You just might ask, “How important are these skills?”

The short answer is, “Well that depends on just how stressed you are!”

Life is busy! Yea, I get that

Life is complex! For sure

Life dramas have the potential to set you on a collision course to loss of control!

And, through it all, you just might over-react and blow things out of proportion which tends to increase the level of stress even more! However, you are NOT powerless; you can change that collision course and take control.

The Power of Change

So, what is the solution, you ask? How and what changes do you need to make? First step: Start by eliminating daily habits that are blocking you from reaching your goals. It is not easy to let go of hindering habits, but it can be done. Yes, it takes time, effort and thought, but it is time well-spent. It is an investment in YOU. Remember the old saying, “Take care of yourself, no one else will do it for you.” In other words, put your mask on first!

Life Management Skills are more than just organization. It is all about STAYING

  • Staying in motion. Move your feet, lose your seat has been an old saying within my family. If you get up from your chair, someone else will grab a chance to sit! Yet, here’s something to think about: getting up stimulates blood movement which releases endorphins, nature’s opioids. A great step towards a healthy life is to get up and move as much as possible. A tidbit to remember: Movement is good exercise for the body, mind and soul!
  • Staying away from unnecessary commitments. Are you burdened with too many promises you wished you hadn’t made? Take time to re-evaluate your schedule before saying ‘Yes‘ to another obligation. Consider each item on your to-do list and calendar and question the value you get from each one. Then, start purging!
  • Staying on track. Adopt Nike’s slogan: Just Do It! And, don’t forget to set a deadline. With a time constraint, you are more likely to actually do whatever you’ve been procrastinating. Embrace the habit of doing the Most Important Task (MIT) first. You will find the rest of the day is a breeze.
  • Staying grateful. Developing an attitude of gratitude showers you with positive thoughts and an opportunity to reduce and even eliminate stresses. Be grateful for what you have, rather than what you wished you had. Life is a gift that should be treasured. Be careful how you handle each moment.
  • And, ultimately, staying organized! No matter how organized you get with systems, things tend to move towards chaos over time. Schedule daily time on your calendar for quick organizing tasks – one-small-step-at-a-time!
Relax and enjoy learning life management skills with the gorgeous blue skies over an Everglade water channel and a hiking path on the side banks. Imprinted saying: The Path of Least Resistance.
Two footprints symbolizing Next Step

CLICK HERE to communicate with me. As a Life Management Coach, I would love to help you achieve success in reaching your goals. Taking control is the first step and developing daily habits will ensure peace of mind and keep you on track. Are you ready? One step at a time!

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