P = Photos

Photo Organizing

Photo taking is a pastime we all participate. Whether it is a fancy camera with a variety of lenses or simply a smart phone, snapping a digital picture to remember a person, place or event is so easy. In fact, we probably snap several pictures, just in case!  Hmmmm?

Summer time travels, family events and holiday celebrations are ideal times for pulling out the camera. These precious moments are beckoning to be immortalized into a collection. (A collection is three or more of any item in a category.)

Memories imprinted on film or kept digitally eventually grow to a very, very large collection. Beware! A collection of photos can lead to overwhelm if not taken care of immediately. Photos can easily turn into clutter, chaos and confusion — the vicious 3-C cycle.


Photo clutter monopolizes precious space in drawers, on closet shelves or hidden under the bed. Out of sight, out of mind?


Photo chaos follows right along with the clutter when we desperately begin searching for a special photo and uncover piles and piles of neglected images. Good intention once prevailed, but easily forgotten. Did you say to yourself, “I am going to sort, categorize and produce scrapbooks, someday!


Photo confusion is the result of way-too-many photo collections. Photos seems to have no end. They continually multiply. Our psyche cannot handle the overwhelming amount, so we stored these collections away, out of sight. Before we know it we are organizationally challenged — at least where the photos are concerned.



Is photo overload happening to you?

Do you have packets of printed photos and files of digital photos hidden away so you don’t have to deal with them?

Do you say to yourself, “I’ll organize these someday?”

There is no better time to start the photo organizing than right now with the current collection — maybe from this year’s vacation or family reunions. Forget about the past collection and concentrate on the most recent pictures. You’ll be happy you did. This is the time to relive the joyful moments, bask in the warmth of memories and share your collection with family and friends.


Bright yellow organize bar with Next Step highlightedPhoto Organizing Action

Set a block of time on your calendar to deal with photo overload. It is a great evening task or maybe when the temperature rises to the 80’s and 90’s; or maybe on a rainy day or when you are stuck inside on a cold snowy day. Any day, any time, but if you schedule it in your planner it becomes an appointment to keep. This time is as important as any other appointment.

Start Organizing:

  1. Toss ~ Not all pictures are keepers
  2. Sort and Edit ~ Prepare an index to record names, dates and events
  3. Storage ~ Photo boxes or albums for printed photos. Digital photos need electronic folders and a storage backup.

Are you in need of help to get your photos under control? Fill in the inquiry form on the left sidebar and I will respond just as soon as possible. Or, check out the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.