A Reserve of Time

The only thing more important than your to-do list is your to-be list.
The only thing more important than your to-be list is to be.” 

~Alan Cohen

The most frequent statement I hear from clients is, “I don’t have enough time!”

Well, folks…  24 hours is all you get in any given day. That is 1,440 minutes each and every day. The big question is what are you going to do with all those minutes?

Time Drain

One area that drains time reserves is the never ending to-do list. So, let’s tackle this issue and develop a new habit.

To-Do… To-Do… Lots of people have to-do lists. Making a list is a feel-good activity, organizing thoughts and putting to paper all the things we want to accomplish. People love to develop a comprehensive list of all activities and to-do items, then spend time checking off their accomplishments.

Sometimes making a list and checking off accomplishments really does feel good, believing we have actually whittled down the list. But, think about this: sometimes the habit of producing the to-do lists takes time away from actually doing the task.

And then, lists tend to grow as time passes. Like a snowball rolling downhill, lists pick up more and more jobs along the way. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all that needs to get done. As we diligently put pen to paper, we are filled with good intentions. We smile and think, “If I can just get these things done, life will be so much better and I’ll have time to do the fun stuff.” These are the tasks we hope to get done someday. However, without a commitment, tasks begin to fill the pages, filling us with guilt and overwhelm, and the list never dwindles, tasks never get completed.

A common saying is, “I’ll do it when I have the time!”

Plan and Schedule

Green circle for Get Started

Lists are no substitute for planning and scheduling. The most important thing to do is to set aside a block of time on your daily appointment planner/calendar to accomplish a specific task. This step translates intentions into a commitment for action.

If we stopped writing long lists of things to do, then we would have more time to do them.

New habit is developing!

I challenge you to change the habit of list making and organize your priorities. Rather than producing long to-do lists, pull out your calendar or day planner and block off adequate time for those targeted priorities — those things that are IMPORTANT. And, find a way to minimize the NOT IMPORTANT whether urgent or not.

Some important tasks that need immediate attention are simply crisis handling, and often someone else’s crisis. Others are deadline oriented. Figure out what needs to be done to move these items along, do it now (as Nike would say!) and then focus your attention on the non-urgent tasks

Remember, your goal is to accomplish the important, not urgent tasks that have a long-term effect on your productivity — those steps that continually move you forward to accomplish important tasks you set out to complete.

Stephen Covey Time Management Matrix
Bright yellow organize bar with Next Step highlighted

It is the scheduling of time that makes the biggest difference in how you use those 24-hours in a day.

Are you constantly making to-do lists?

Do you find that your lists are getting longer and what gets accomplished is less and less?

Are you ready to take a few steps to move intentions into action?

Why not try a F.R.E.E. session of Coaching to decide if a bit of guidance will change how many hours you truly have to accomplish the mountain of tasks set before you. Go to CONNECT page and fill in the form, submit and I will get back to you just as soon as possible.

Action Step: Pull out your calendar and schedule appointments with yourself to accomplish IMPORTANT tasks.