April is Stress Awareness Month

Since 1992 during the month of April, health care professionals promote public awareness about the causes, effects and remedies for stressful living. Stress Awareness Month reminds us to pay attention to our health–physical, emotional and mental–as we go about our daily life.

A little bit of stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but too much of it can be detrimental to our health. During the month of April, acquire the knowledge to find that healthy balance and live a productive, happy life.

Stress Relievers

  • Exercise: Physical activity is key to managing stress and improving mental health. Get get moving and increase endorphins pumping through your body and brain. Endorphins trigger the happy feeling. Exercise lowers stress hormones like cortisol and releases chemicals that make you feel more at peace.
  • Eat healthy: Consider removing sugar, carbs and processed foods from you diet. Take in more fruits and vegetables; stay away from anything wrapped in plastic.
  • Meditate/Relax: Light a candle and dim the lights; use an essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy; take a nap; practice yoga; fill your environment with soft, soothing music; take deep breaths; count your blessings… The goal is to cleansing your mind from all negative and stressing thoughts.
  • Get a hug: Hugs produce a release of the “cuddle” Hormone–Oxytocin. The benefits of Oxytocin are: higher levels of happiness and lower levels of stress; a reduction in blood pressure; reduction in the stress hormone norepinephrine; produce a sense of relaxation; the simplest forms of stress relief available.
  • Routine: Routines provide a structured, organized lifestyle. Set a time to sleep and a time to wake. Routines are not just healthy for your life, but also your body.
  • Laugh: Spend time with family and friends. Have a good time, share your happiness and forget about the busyness for a few moments. Refresh and think positive.
  • Make lists: Be the keeper of lists: a list of happy things; a list of positive experiences; a list of work to do; a list of places to visit… Lists keep you focused, organized and ease your stress without having to keep it all in your head.
  • Face challenges: Shake off the negativity, accept the challenges you are facing and find solutions. Acceptance instills a positive impact on your consciousness and provides the way forward.
  • Take care of yourself: As every airline passenger has heard over and over again, “Put your mask on first before helping others!” When in a stressful situation, you have the tendency to become extremely tense which is harmful and weakens your power to deal with stress. Copying mechanisms become difficult when you have neglected your own important needs.
  • Avoid distractions and irritants: Stay focused on the task at hand to accomplish more in an efficient manner. Forget the myth of multi-tasking. Concentrate on what your are doing and give it your best.
  • Don’t procrastinate: Tomorrow never comes, so complete your work as soon as possible. Procrastination is turns out to be stressful and tasks never get accomplished.

Build a stress-free life

We live in a world of too much to do, too much information bombarding us from all direction, too much worries with too little time. Leading a stressful life promotes inefficiencies, chaos and clutter and lessens our ability to live a healthy and happy life. During the month of April, spend a few moments to map our your plan to CAPTURE TIME–the mantra for the year 2020. By spending 15 minutes a day, you can alleviate stressful situation and find a peaceful haven.

April has 30 days x 15-minutes/day = 450 minutes = 7.5 hours.

What do you plan to do in the next 30 days to relieve, reduce and eliminate stress?

Stress is defined as any stimulus—physical, mental or emotional—that disrupts the normal physiological equilibrium and throws you off balance. Unlock the secrets to manage stress in order to improve concentration and creativity, make better decisions under pressure, maintain composure, increase energy level and be in control. Learn to relax and take time to smell the roses.

My hope for you — Live a happy, healthy, stress-free life.