Bulging Briefcase, Purse, Carry-on

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Ralph’s biggest concern was his bulging briefcase and sore shoulder requiring chiropractic treatments on a regular basis.


There is no better place to start the decluttering process than with the stuff you are carrying in your pockets, purse, wallet or briefcase. The worse part about this carry-along clutter is that you do not merely own it, you are burdened with the excess weight day in and day out. With heightened security everywhere and walk-through metal detectors it is time to clean out your pockets and those oversized, overweight bags before you head to work or next trip. Just thinking about airport personnel pawing through your bags might be enough to get you to declutter.


  • Dump everything out onto the table — EVERYTHING!
  • Clean up the lint puffs, cookie crumbs, wadded paper napkins, broken pens and wayward paperclips you find in the pockets and bottom. Thoroughly clean out the inside.
  • Sort through your pile and determine what you absolute need to take with you. Start placing the essentials back inside being careful to consider what you need and when.
  • Dispose of the excess or put items where they belong.


Briefcases, wallets, purses, pockets, and carry-on luggage are not storage units or file cabinets. They are for the necessities while away from home or office. Consider them the link between home-car-office-appointments. It is a mode of transportation for essentials, not a long-term storage facility.