Easy first step to get organized

Want to get organizing but don’t know where to begin? Well here is an easy first step.

Grab a grocery bag or bin and travel throughout your house gathering ALL your pens and pencils wherever they may be–nestled together in a drawer or mug, on the table or counter, in your purse or briefcase…

Now, lay them all out on a table and test which ones work (keepers), which ones are totally out of ink (toss) and which ones you are willing to let go to someone else (donate). You know what to do with these three piles: Toss, Donate, and find a home for the Keepers.

A pen and extra paper need to always be accessible to capture fleeting thoughts. No sense in trying to store things in your head when paper and pen work so much better.  Think about those areas where grabbing a pen is important — next to the phone, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in your bag, in the car and wherever you would be sitting. Make sure you have the necessary tools to write things down before you forget.

Congratulations! You have start on your get-organized-journey. How does it feel? Successful in organizing this one small step? Are you ready to tackle something a bit bigger?