I Hate My Office


Kaitlin revealed that she hated working in her home office. It was dark, dreary and uninviting. “Maybe if I could just get organized,” she said, “then I would be able to work in this space.”

When I arrived I was dumbfounded. Her office consisted of a large room with floor to ceiling windows across one wall. However, little natural light flooded the room due to an overhang on the house. Other than that, what could be the problem, I wondered.


After a great deal of questioning, it became apparent that she was mainly unhappy with her desk, a large dark antique writing table. But, more importantly, it was the fact that she could not sit at her desk and work. Why? Because she had placed several plastic file bins in the area where her legs should go.


  • Removed the plastic bins
  • Placed a tall lamp in the corner to brighten the area
  • Added a task lamp to illuminate her desk top work space
  • Organize and file the papers stacked on the desk
  • Addressed the issue of papers stored in plastic bins
  • Moved a couple of pictures of loved ones from the desk top to a nearby shelf
  • And, Kaitlin was beaming



No! Once we identified the irritant of not being able to sit comfortably at the desk to work, everything else fell into place. What developed was a change in attitude. The desk became a wonderful addition to her overall office space.

Identifying irritants and being willing to make changes will be the magic you need. What problem areas are you fighting against? Contact me if you want to brainstorm solutions.