Managing Your Files

Cover of e-booklet Managing the Files

Did you know:  80% of papers filed are never looked at again!


  • Why do we need to file so many papers and documents?
  • Why are file cabinets bulging?
  • Why are there piles of paper on the floor, chair and desktop?

Fact: It is not the volume of paper itself that is the problem, but rather the decision-making process.


This e-booklet will teach you how to Manage Your Files:

  • How to put those file cabinets on a diet.
  • How to restrict those calorie-laden papers.
  • How to exercise those fatty files for a trim, efficient and effective filing system.


Table of Contents:

  • What Happened to the Paperless Office?
  • Statistics
  • Records Management and Definition
  • Case Study ~ Getting Peter’s files in order
  • Characteristics of an Effective Filing System
  • Examples of Filing Labels
  • Are Your Papers a Valuable Asset?
  • Tickler Systems ~ Calendar, To-Do’s, Tickler Files
  • Managing the Tickler Files
  • Personal Information for an Emergency
  • Quick Filing Tips
  • Bright Idea ~ 60-Minute Purging
  • Personal Audit
  • 3 Steps to Stress-Less Living
  • Balance vs. Juggling
  • Contact Information