Do you find your space in your home, office, closets, cabinets, desk, garage… just a wee bit cramped or maybe chaotic?

Time to consider why and how to declutter!

It is not so much that we don’t have the room for all our stuff;

it is the fact that we have too much.

Are you an accumulator?  Clutter, chaos and confusion develop when you fail to allocate a home for your possessions or fail to recognize the end of its useful life. So imagine… Close your eyes and picture one particular area in your home or office that needs some organizational help.

Now imagine what it would look like at its best. Visualize a peaceful space – a place where you would love to spend more time. 

Achieve more space..

Click on the titles below to read more about space and it effect on our health and well-being.

Clean Sweep Program – Springtime is a time of rebirth and a time when most folks give their home or office a good cleaning. For everything there is a season, and this is the season to get rid of the winter cobwebs. The most important key to an efficient clean sweep program is organization. When there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, then maintenance is a breeze. Organizing is about changing behaviors and making wise choices. Before you start a clean sweep program, take time to plan your attack. Spending a little time planning saves a lot of time in the long run.

Creating Space with Feng Shui – Feng Shui means Wind and Water and addresses the flow of Chi – how it circulates in and around our environment and its impact on our health. Its principles are simply an instruction manual for creating living space.