N is for Nemesis

What is a nemesis, you ask? Well, it is an opponent, a long-standing rival — a person or thing — that takes control of your time, space, money and energy. The word nemesis describes a challenger that somehow seems able to get the best of you.

Now that you know what the word nemesis means, let’s talk about situations that have the potential to be a nemesis in your life. Maybe it is the endless pile of mail or overflowing closets and drawers? Often it is the clutter of too much stuff that sabotages your peaceful haven. How about a crushing schedule or never-ending obligations? Some people may think it is the clock, the telephone or the washing machine. For others, it may be lack of finances. A nemesis can be anything in your life that blocks you from achieving your goals or sticking to your resolutions. It tends to create barriers and prevents you from being who you really want to be or doing what you want to do.

You’ve heard it said before, but here it is again..

We live in a world with too much information,

too many demands

and too little time to accomplish the important things.

As Peter Walsh explains in It’s All Too Much, stressful living is caused by too much. Whatever your nemesis may be, you will continually feel its force if you do not grasp control of the situation. It can be conquered but only if you are willing to acknowledge its existence, decide what is truly important in your life and develop an action plan to eliminate the problem. As English writer Aldous Huxley once said, “There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that’s your own self.”

Look at your life today: Where has your nemesis taken control? Does the stuff your own and the time and money you expended contribute to that ideal life you dream about or is it getting in the way of your vision? Recognize what is holding you back, what is suffocating your life, what is your downfall? Then, take the necessary steps to rid yourself of your nemesis.

Imagine what your ideal life would look like from morning to night when you eliminate the clutter from your home, your calendar, your social obligations… Start to dream what life could really be like if you had your stuff under control and totally manageable. Dream big! Focus on the joyfulness of the days ahead.

Do you need help overcoming your nemesis? Sometimes all it takes is to talk it out with an accountability partner—someone to listen, support and offer advice. Send me an email to Info@JudithKirk dot com and discover how powerful coaching can be. Take control now, before the flood line rises any higher.

“Clutter robs you of far more than the space it occupies—it steals your life.”
~ Peter Walsh