Power of Three


Susanna asks: When I look at my to-do list there are way too many choices and I never know where to begin. It is stressful.

Blue sky white clouds 3-blade windmill designating the power of three
Why three blades?


Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears – too hot, too cold, just right? We all like choices, just not too many lest we become overwhelmed and confused. So I challenge you to think about the power of three! The power of three is built into almost everything. It easily lets us create order. This, this and this!

How about The Three Musketeers, The Three Stooges, Three Amigos? Even the Olympic Committee plays out the power of three – Gold-Silver-Bronze. And, consider high-medium-low, hot-warm-cool, and A-B-C. Examples of the power of three are unlimited.

Most of us are aware that the most stable shape is a triangle. The power of three, again! And, think about the three-legged stool. Why is it sturdy and stable? The reason actually lies in the fact that it only takes three points to define a plane. The three-bladed wind turbine displays the best combination for rotational speed with minimal stress?

Speaking of stress… Too many choices cause stress. We generally do not handle stress too well when we are bombarded with choices. One of the biggest stressor is the To-Do list with too many things to do and too little time.

Now is a good time to simplify your To-Do’s to the three most important tasks to accomplish each day, or the three most important goals to reach this month, or the three most important people to spend precious time with… The Power of Three!


Always keep in mind the power of three! Do you need help trimming your to-do list down to the three most important tasks? Fill in the form to the left and experience the power of having an affordable virtual organizer coach guiding you along your journey of getting and staying organized.

“A good place to start when managing your time is to reduce the number of things you do in your work and your personal life. Continually trim your “To Do” list.”

~Harold Taylor, Professional Organizer