W = Wardrobe

Looking for a way to simplify your life?

Then start by simplifying your wardrobe!

Have you ever opened the door to your closet and lamented, “I don’t have anything to wear!” Even with an abundance of clothing, do you still find it hard to put together the correct outfit for the occasion? Or, maybe your favorite white blouse is in the hamper and you don’t know what to wear with the maroon slacks?

Men have it easy. They basically have four options: They either choose a suit with a buttoned shirt and tie, casual slacks and a polo shirt, jeans and a T-shirt, or sweats.

Women have a more options when choosing an outfit. They have a multitude of choices: suits, long skirts, short skirts, knee-length skirts; slacks with straight legs, boot-cut, tapered legs; dresses with long sleeves or short sleeves or no sleeves; V-neck, turtle-neck, cowl-neck, scoop-neck tops; blue, black or beige jeans; silk blouses, cotton tops, pullovers, sweater sets, cardigans; high heels, low heels, flats, sneakers, boots or sandals; a vest, zippered or pullover fleece, sweats and on and on. Women have three times as many clothes in their closets as men do and still wonder what to wear!

So, what do you do with the over abundance and the nothing-to-wear syndrome? How do you simplify your wardrobe and alleviate the morning stress? Is it time to review your closet contents and simplify your wardrobe? If yes… then read on.


Take everything out of your closet and categorize. Choose four different locations to build combinations of outfits that best suit your needs:

  1. Work-related outfits
  2. Casual wear
  3. Workout attire
  4. Just hang-around-the-house garments.

When building your combinations, think about styles and colors that look best on you. Put together a complete outfit on one hanger as if it were a uniform. Match the top and bottom then add the accessories. When you place the hanger back in the closet keep the categories together. This is called zoning—a specific area for a specific purpose. Now it will be easy to find that perfect outfit knowing everything you need is clean and together.

Avoid purchasing flashy, trendy clothes. When you choose simple elegance, you know that you look your best no matter what outfit you pick from the closet.

Complete outfit on one hanger

A simple wardrobe has a common thread that feels right, looks right and reveals the true you. When you open your closet door, your outfits are right there ready for whatever occasion you have. No more lamenting, no more stress. Simple!

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REMEMBER:  Owning too much is stressful in itself. Truly less is best!

And Furthermore…

The more stuff you have…

The more you have to worry about

The more you have to clean

The more you have to repair

The more you have to store

The more you have to dust

The more you have to work

The more you have to have,

And, if you ever move…  

by: Pipi Campbell Peterson