Magazine Clutter Solutions

Reader’s dilemna

Patsy writes: “My biggest organizing challenge is the accumulation of magazines. Any suggestions?”

Amazon carries a considerable variety of magazine organizers. Check it out!

Response:  Sure do, Patsy! Magazines are a vacation for the mind. Experience them, then get rid of them. Recycle to nursing homes, schools, hospitals and clinics. It is easier to dispose of magazines when you know they will be of use elsewhere.

Keep unread magazines in one place and purge regularly. A sturdy basket by your favorite chair is a great spot to store reading material. However, when the basket begins to overflow you need to reassess your reading time. Make a list of all magazines, periodicals and newsletters you receive each month. Estimate the amount of time it would take to read them all. Be realistic and start to cancel those subscriptions you are no longer enjoying or reading.

Save on bookshelf clutter – visit your library. Let them do the storage.

I used to have a “Grab-‘n-Go” read bag” which contained all types of reading material — magazines, newsletters, books, letters…  This bag was always handy to pick up as I walked out the door. I found that there was always some wait time at appointments, and I was prepared to keep myself occupied accomplishing my reading.

Today, I carry just my smart phone. Yup, that’s it. It contains all my reading apps, documents, notes, reminders and magazines (free with Kindle Prime, no less!). But, I hear you! You like the good old fashioned book to hold. You really like to use your fingers to turn the pages, right? At one point I would have said the same thing, but the more I read digitally, the better I like it. The benefit is that I can carry lots (and I mean lots) of books, magazines and documents to access whenever and wherever I may be. Life is simpler, for sure.

But if you really want to hold that book, then visit your local library.

And, while we are on the subject of reading material, take a good look at your book shelves.

  • Are they overflowing?
  • Do they add value to your life?
  • Would they add value to someone else’s life?

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Life Management Skill:  Learn to say NO to those magazines (and other reading material) that do not add value to your life.





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