Ring in 2020 with an organized plan

Do you have too much to do with too little time?
Are you trying to juggle home, work and relationships?
Has self-care taken a back seat?
Are you seeking balance in your life?

2020 Goal – Capture Time

Throughout this year, I will address ways to survive the stresses and strains of everyday life with a focus on time. Take 24 hours minus sleeping, eating and personal hygiene and how much time do you have left in the day? Now deduct work and travel time. What do you plan to do with the rest of the day? How well do you manage those 24 hours, 1440 minutes?

As a Professional Organizer / Productivity Coach for 25 years, I strongly advocate life management skills to eliminate stressful elements in your surroundings. Getting and staying organized is more than just a place for everything and everything in its place. It is far more than having closets, drawers and storage space accessible. It is way beyond neatness and cleanliness. Getting organized is not the end of a journey, but the process of changing behaviors and making wise choices.

Life management skills consist of a total package of how you conduct yourself, how you successfully balance all life’s aspects, how you use available time, and how you arrange your environment. Resolve to make this year filled with positive steps toward healthy and abundant living.

Get started…

Are you waiting for the right time to begin your organizing project or wondering when and where to start? How about starting today by working on your overflowing desk? There is no need to procrastinate. With 31 days in the month of January, you might as well take advantage of each and every one. There is no better time than right now to let go of the unnecessary and discover tools and resources to facilitate change. 

January 13 is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. This is a good time to get your office organized. Your office may be at your workplace or at home where you conduct the business of running a household. This workspace may be a separate room, a cubicle, a card table or a nook in the kitchen corner. It does not matter where or how big or small your office space is; what matters is if it is efficient and effective. Resolve to spend time clearing out the clutter, developing systems and beautifying the space.


No matter how organized you are, without boundaries things creep in and take up residency. Magazines, newspapers, flyers, credit card receipts, ATM slips, library books, briefcase/purse contents, a variety of mail (snail, voice and email), etc. find a way to reside on the desktop, computer or kitchen counter. Eventually you will have to face the piles, so why not devote the month of January to tackle the clutter and establish systems to manage the influx. By taking the time now to organize your office, you reap the benefits of structure and control – a huge antidote to stress.  


One of the most important tools for getting organized is the simple kitchen timer. This little device will be your constant companion during each organizing session because I am going to ask you to devote 15 minutes every day to the current organizing project. Yup – just 15 minutes of focused, uninterrupted time. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in 31 days.

15 minutes x 31 days = 465 minutes = 7 ¾ hours

Now you are asking, “How do I find that 15 minutes?” Well, easy! Pull out your day planner or calendar and schedule a block of 15 minutes for each day in January. You decide what works best for you; it could be 15 minutes early morning, 15 minutes before dinner or 15 minutes just before bedtime. The important thing is to schedule this time. Label this 15 minutes as your very own “Organizing Project.” Sit down right now and do it! No doubt, you are accustomed to blocking off time for doctor appointments or special events, so now you can get into the habit of scheduling organizational time. Make an appointment with yourself. It is a commitment and you need to keep it.

Here are three questions to ask whenever you have a project to accomplish:

  • What do I choose to do? Organize the office
  • When do I choose to do it? Everyday in January
  • How long will it take? 15 minutes a day
    Schedule it NOW!

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