Scratch the Itch

Got an itch? Then scratch it, otherwise it will develop into a full-blown uncontrollable aggravation.

Craving chocolate? Then indulge a bit or you will feel deprived and depressed.

Got a loose button? Then sew it back on before it gets lost.

Where did I put that round tuit?

Grandma’s favorite expression was, “A stitch in time saves nine.” But what does that phrase actually mean? Basically, if you take care of that little irritant now, you will save yourself frustration, energy, money and time. It is usually the little things that have the potential to create big issues when you have the least amount of time to cope.

Grandma would have told you to sew on that loose button now before it falls off at an inappropriate time. Dad would have told you to fill the gas tank before the quarter mark rather than run the risk of being late for your next appointment. Mom would have told you to take off your shoes before you drag in dirty clumps on to the carpet. Someone else would have told you to…… You fill in the blanks and then recognize the consequences of ignoring little irritants.

Irritants may be as small as the daily mail sitting on the counter or as large as an overflowing garage. Frustration develops when you say you have to get something fixed but never get around to it. You may even be tolerating your own bad habits when you drop the keys on the first flat surface you find or scatter dirty clothes and wet towels on the bathroom floor? Maybe it is the overflowing inbox, bedraggled plants, cluttered laundry room or a junk drawer that are irksome. Whatever those annoyances are, they are going to continue being annoying until you decide to do something about it.

Statistics have shown that we tolerate between 60-100 daily irritants. Take a few moments to recognize those things that raise your blood pressure even a tiny bit. Pay attention to the number of times you say, “I intend to do it.” Life is made up of a whole bunch of good intentions but it is only action that moves intentions to completion.

Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting, spoke prophetic words when he said, “Scratch an itch.” Nike’s slogan declares, “Just do it.”

So, my advise: When you first recognize a little irritant, take time to scratch it. It will feel so good and no doubt save you time, money, frustration…

Maybe a little bit of guidance will help you recognize the irritants in your life. Together we will develop a plan to deal with annoyances while they are small.

Connect with me today so that your tomorrows are less stressful!

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