Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stress happens when you continually compare yourself and your life to others. There will always be people who have more and people who have less than you do. If you continually play the comparison game you face too many opponents you cannot defeat and your stress level increases exponentially.  Decide what is truly important to you and say NO to those things that do not add value to your life.

In who or what do your core values lie – family, friends, work, solitude, knowledge, community service, writing, exercise, financial independence, spiritual awareness, gardening, travel, saving the rainforest, dusting, cleaning, making money, buying insurance… ? Each individual’s life has personal significance, a special purpose as unique as fingerprints. Have you ever thought about your purpose in life? Take time to write down your personal purpose or mission statement. It will become your beacon when making choices. There will be times when you will need to choose between two valid core wants. When you are fully aware of your mission and the purpose of your life, then you can choose wisely. Choice is power. A truly memorable moment is when you can say “No” to something very good in order to say “Yes” to something even better.

Think about an attitude change and start to count your blessings. Complaining only bogs you down and drains your energy while you drag others down with you. Grumbling about the mess you are in, or the disorganization around you, or all the things you do not have and cannot afford, will do nothing to change the situation. Moaning and groaning bring forth more moaning and groaning. The resultant stress is negative energy that creates a downward spiral.

Begin to develop a mental state of gratitude and try to appreciate all the talents and gifts you have. When you begin to feel and express gratitude, your energy will soar. Daily tasks will roll off your back and creative ideas will flow naturally. Accepting your life with a thankful heart, rather than craving for more, is a natural de-stressor.

Start your attitude change by opening your eyes and becoming more aware of your surroundings.  Be observant to the abundance around you and be cognizant of the amount of time wasted thinking about stuff you do not have. The desire to have more and do more cripples your ability to live a creative, joyful existence. It squelches the opportunities waiting for your awareness.

Stop bemoaning the past.

Stop projecting into the future.

Live in the present moment.


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Life is only a comparison of where we are

with where we would rather be.

~~ Dennis Howe, PhD,Research Professor of Optical Sciences,University of Arizona


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