Avoid the prickly spines of daily living

Stress is defined as any stimulus—physical, mental or emotional—that disrupts the normal physiological equilibrium and throws you off balance. It is everywhere – in our homes, our workplace, our relationships…

Stress hits us all at some point in time. It can have a tsunami effect is we are not careful in life management skills. Individuals who know how to manage stress are apt to have more enthusiasm, work smarter and be more productive. It is important for all of us to learn coping skills to combat the effects of being overwhelmed.

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Stress management skills help you to:

  • Achieve more throughout the day
  • Improve your concentration and creativity
  • Make better decisions under pressure
  • Maintain your composure
  • Make fewer mistakes
  • Increase energy level
  • Adapt to change easily
  • Be in control
  • Relax and renew yourself quickly






Stress-less… Be Happy…

To stress less and be happy, discover what brings joy into your life. Happiness doesn’t have to cost anything.

  • Eat your breakfast outside on a delightful spring morning.
  • Read adventure stories to the little ones.
  • Listen to your favorite music while cleaning the kitchen, or dance your way around the house with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Follow a butterfly.
  • Indulge in coconut ice cream.
  • Rainy days got you down? Watch an oldie movie just because… and, laugh or cry — whatever.
  • Carry a glass of wine outside some moon-lit evening and sit under the stars to contemplate life.
  • Take a hike through the woods or sit and listen to the birds sing.
  • Hop on a swing and fly to the clouds.
  • Do whatever brings a smile to your face and a song in your heart.

Every day must have one pure pleasure. Better yet, start a gratitude journal and keep track of the pleasures you discover. It is all about attitude.

This is a great day!



Overflowing donations

It is sad how much we dispose of every day, every month, every year. When we dash off to GoodWill or Salvation Army, we believe we are helping someone else instead of adding to the landfills. But are we helping or are we contributing to a world-wide mess? Where does the problem reside? America’s over consumption has become a slippery slope.

Read what author Bre Cruickshank has to say in The Truth About Your Clothing Donations

America’s consumption problem is a big one that even our best efforts to resell and recycle can’t resolve. The most economical way we can have a positive impact is simply by reducing the amount we consume. The power to re-frame clothing as meaningful investments rather than expendable bargains is in our hands and our wallets.

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Simplify… Setting Boundaries

There will always be more to do than time to accomplish and more demands than you can possibly carry out. With the advancement of technology and instant communication, we live in a world where it has become difficult to maintain personal boundaries. Learning how to say no to others and yes to yourself may not be easy. However, when you accept the fact that you have the right to set boundaries, you will begin to simplify your life.

A simple life is one that avoids over commitments. When someone (or yourself) begins to put demands upon your time, your space or your possessions, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Make your pause instinctive, habitual. Take a moment to think about the consequences of saying yes too quickly.

  • Is this something you really want to do or have?
  • Do you have the time, money and energy to do it or take care of it?
  • Do you say yes just to please others?

There are many ways to say no without hurting people’s feelings. You can simply state that you do not have the time, money or energy to do it now. If you cannot meet imposed demands or deadlines, you could suggest someone else to do the task or propose a different method to accomplish the assignment.

Sometimes it is better to simply say no without the need to justify your decision. Remember, it is your life and you have the right to set boundaries. Reclaim your life, peace of mind and sanity by respecting yourself as much as you respect others, by respecting your time as much as you respect the time of others.

Set your own boundaries and shed the need to please others.

Let me know what boundaries you have put into place with regard to all the demands upon your time. Leave your comments below.


May Challenge: The Habit of To-Be

National Revise Your Work Schedule Month.

How to compensate for busyness – Read on…

Busy, busy, busy. That about describes daily life in today’s fast-paced world. What is it that keeps you running around with too many demands and too little time? What daily changes can you make that will benefit your health and well-being?

To-do… To-do…  Too much to do and no time to be…

Suppose your to-do list has twenty items beckoning for your attention. You may start the day off with good intentions to tackle each item, but at some point you realize you are bogged down with things that are not going well.

  • Do you spend a great deal of time and energy focusing on those things that do not go as planned or that did not get done?
  • Even if the good efforts outweighed the remaining items on the to-do list, do you spend time lamenting the ill effects?
  • Do you berate yourself for the failures and forget about the many successes?
  • Are you exhausted at the end of the day as the negative energy engulfs your life?

30 Day Challenge:  For the next 30 days, schedule time to eliminate the constant to-do habit so that you can allow time to create a new habit — the habit of to-be. Set aside small blocks of time for a daily mini-vacation. These are moments to be kind to yourself and remember that life is good. Listen to your favorite music for half-hour, plant some flowers, read and ponder inspirational passages, meditate, take a walk, talk with a friend, surf the Internet, jog, observe the sunrise and sunset, have a cup of tea, take a nap…

You choose whatever is perfect for you to do during these mini-vacations. The point is to schedule non-negotiablejust me” time into your daily planner. This is your special moment, so don’t give it away. It is the daily reset button that will fill you with energy and enthusiasm.

What are your daily choices that make a difference in your life? To do or to be???

Share your comments with our readers. And, best wishes for a wonderful month of May.  Take time to enjoy the spring blossoms!