A simple, organized morning

“My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.”

~ Cary Grant

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Starting your day off in a rush creates havoc for the rest of the day. You absolutely have the power to make a change. It is a choice, so why not choose to take a really good look at your harried morning hours, then resolve to create a peaceful morning. Make your morning routine personal and supportive.

Start by waking up slowly. Instead of letting the alarm clock jolt you out of bed, start a bit earlier and take a few minutes to welcome the day. While still in bed, do a few gentle stretches, smile, express gratitude and slowly become conscious of opportunities awaiting you this day. Moving intentionally into your day will set the tone for a gentler day. Just a few minutes of contemplation before hopping out of bed, will transform you mentally and physically.

Spend a few moments in quiet meditation, a form of elevating your gratitude attitude. Think of three things or people that you are grateful to have in your life. The more you focus on blessings the more positive you are going to feel when your feet hit the floor. Acknowledging appreciation for what you have sets the tone of thankfulness for the entire day. You will begin the day with lasting calmness that will carry forth throughout the hours ahead.

There is no perfect way to start the day, just be aware of what you need and put it into action. Fulfill those unique needs and move forth with confidence. Nurture yourself; you are important!

The first thought you have in the morning will have a profound effect on your attitude. The more positive you feel, the easier it will be for you to extend those feelings throughout your entire day. Try it tomorrow morning and every morning for the next week or so. I bet you will feel a whole lot better with more energy, more focus and less stress.

A positive start to your day is a blessing.

The early bird may get the worm,

but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese!

Leave a comment below. I want to hear how your morning routine is working for you.



Labor Day – Summer’s last hurrah

September 4, 2017 – Celebrate a big day, a big weekend!

Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September. It is the unofficial end of summer in the United States.

The first Labor Day celebration was held in 1882. The Central Labor Union and Knights of Labor organized a parade in New York City to recognized the economic and social contributions of workers to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country. This day of holiday was created to honor American workers. In the early years, community activities allowed the pubic to express appreciation to workers and labor organizations. Politicians and other prominent members of society grasp the opportunity to stand on their soapboxes, especially during election years.

In 1887, Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day an official public holiday. In 1894 it became a federal holiday after thirty states officially celebrated this day. All government offices, organizations and many businesses were closed. One of the reasons for choosing to celebrate this holiday on the first Monday in September, and not on May 1, which is common in the rest of the world, was to add a holiday in the long gap between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. Canada also celebrates along with the United States.

Family reunion on the farm is the perfect place to watch a calf being born, drive a tractor, fly kites, take a swim in the pond, fish, play a game of baseball and have a barbecue with s’mores. The hayride is the highlight of a busy weekend.


The long holiday weekend and end of the summer heat is a perfect time for people to gather for community activities and family reunions with fireworks, picnics, barbecues and sporting events. This is summer’s last hurrah before school districts resume regularly scheduled classes and fall sports begin.

Labor Day has become an important weekend for discounts along with celebrations and travel. Many retailers tap into the back-to-school sales and car dealerships want to move vehicles off their lots to make room for next year’s model. Shoppers can find deals everywhere.

According to Expedia, Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest travel periods of the summer, spurring more air travel in 2016 than other midyear holidays such as Memorial Day and Independence Day. A recent Expedia survey confirmed that nearly 25 percent of Americans plan to get out of town for Labor Day this year.

AAA projects 33 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during this last summer weekend, a modest 2.9 percent increase over last year.

So, what do you have planned for summer’s last weekend? Keep it safe!