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Welcome to Organizing Resources. I am Judith Ann Kirk, Professional Organizer & Productivity Coach since 1994. I am here to guide you through your organizing challenges by asking pointed and thought-provoking questions. By listening to your own answers, you gain clarity of core values. Let’s connect — CLICK HERE!

Better solutions to your organizing challenges come from better listening. A good listener asks pertinent questions, and, through these questions clarity blossoms as you articulate the hurtles and obstacles that block your organizing journey.


Research tells us that we make assumption all the time. And, one big assumption is that when we hear something over and over again, we believe it to be true, we believe we have learned, and we believe we are acting upon it.

But, we’re not, especially when it comes to simplifying our life and organizing our environment. Just because we hear advice on how to get organized, we don’t necessarily act upon it. Knowing is not doing. And knowing and thinking is not enough.

The Power of Believing

Getting and Staying Organized…

Organizing is more than tidiness. It is the process of changes and choices—the willingness to change behaviors and the ability to choose the pathway that aligns with your core values. During the course of a day, you have the opportunity to make a multitude of choices as to how you will use your time, spend your money, arrange your possessions and so much more. Word of advice: CHOOSE WISELY!

If you believe you have heard this advice before, you probably have. But ask yourself:

Am I acting on that knowledge?

  • Are you ready to incorporate life management skills and productive habits into your daily life?
  • Are you ready to gain more time, more money, more space, more energy and less stress?
  • In this world of too much information with too much to do and too little time, you can easily lose sight of your core values and anxiety seeps into your life. You can change if you so desire.

Power of Confidence

Be a life-long student…

Throughout this site you have the opportunity to read, learn and get organized. Here are some interesting tidbits you will find on the above tabs:

  • About... Learn more about me and my business, why I started Organizing Resources, what I believe and what I can promise to you.
  • Learning Center… Case Studies, Organizing Tips, Life Management Skills, Tricks & Shortcuts.
  • More Space… It is not that we don’t have enough space, but rather we have too much stuff for the space available.
  • Less Stress… Yes, we are burdened with too much to do, but the fact that we don’t keep agreements we make with ourselves ultimately sets up a complicated, hurried, stressful life.
  • Tips and Tricks… Are there any?
Green circle for Get Started

Take your time in reading and implementing the many lessons you find on this site. When you are ready to tackle your organizational challenges, send me an email. I will respond just as soon as possible and get you started on the road to success.

While you are waiting for my response to your email, check out The Habits Manifesto by Gretchen Rubin.

Gretchen writes, “With habits, we conserve our energy and do things without thinking.”

Too much to organize?

Bright idea light bulb

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Surround yourself with calmness and peace.


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