Time to move on…

“You can’t have a plan for your day
until you have a plan for your life.”
~Tony Robbins

MY PLAN: It is time for a change professionally and personally. Changes are inevitable as we grow older and priorities shift. There was a time when my organizing business was my career focus. My thoughts were wrapped up in striving to have my business run smoothly, be more efficient, and increase the value-added for my clients. But, then a day arrived when I examined the value of my time, the legacy of my life and what my goals entailed from this point onward.

MY CHANGES: I plan to close down my website when my hosting expires and will attempt to sell my domain names. But until that is finalized, it leaves me a bit of time to provide my readers with an opportunity to ask questions, seek a bit of guidance, or look for a coach or mentor.

If you are interested in connecting with me or chatting over a cup of coffee, fill in the form below. I’ll be glad to help you along your journey until the day I completely close shop.